How to Create a Customer Service Culture

customer careAre there laid down set of rules and procedures a company should follow to ensure that it creates and receives the best customer experience? Does it start by establishing a customer service department or how is it done? These and many more are some of the hard questions businesses face, including what a friend from Bel Air Tow Truck went through to establish a commendable towing experience for his customers.

Customer service is a lot more than what most businesses think. It is not found on policies and rules contained in a department, but rather a philosophy and culture to ensure success. It must be embraced by every employee and member of an organization, right from the CEO down to the most recent hire. To ensure that your business or company adheres to creating the most helpful customer service culture, here are valuable tips to take on board.


A customer service culture means creating a culture of accountability. When we talk about responsibility, there are a couple of things involved. First, there is taking ownership. Even if you are not an expert, ask your seniors’ as many questions as possible to give customers the detailed information they need. When an issue occurs, see it through a resolution. Have the customer first mindset by communicating and updating them on anything they might need.


customer serviceTraining your internal staff and other members is very important and crucial to spreading your organization’s culture. For internal training, ensure all staff sit in on calls and create living documentation on what needs to be done. For external training, provide video tutorials and give employees other options such as FAQs, and other knowledge bases that help them understand what needs to be done.

Provide Options

Give your customers different options to help them get solutions to what is needed. When it comes to communication, allow customers to reach you by the phone, via a ticket, chat, and emails. You can also funnel questions to certain places using an answering machine. Define your processes well and plan for your coverage. Do not ignore responding to what’s happening on online platforms and social media.


If you are not tracking the complaints and issues you hear about, then you’re doing yourself a big blunder. You must keep up with the feedback you receive and act on it. To act on feedback, there are a couple of ways to go about it. First, have a support system that allows you to funnel all your communication into one place. Ensure that you create accounts for each customer so that you can see how you interacted with them in the past. Keep up with the follow-ups and tickets to have a robust reporting.


After you are done tracking all your data, you have to do something with it, and that is analyzing. Hold a regular meeting to review customer services. Look at the rising trends and evaluate what needs to be done and rectified. Determine all actions regarding issues arising, be it big or small and make appropriate changes.

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