How to Create a Customer Service Culture

customer careAre there laid down set of rules and procedures a company should follow to ensure that it creates and receives the best customer experience? Does it start by establishing a customer service department or how is it done? These and many more are some of the hard questions businesses face, including what a friend from Bel Air Tow Truck went through to establish a commendable towing experience for his customers.

Customer service is a lot more than what most businesses think. It is not found on policies and rules contained in a department, but rather a philosophy and culture to ensure success. It must be embraced by every employee and member of an organization, right from the CEO down to the most recent hire. To ensure that your business or company adheres to creating the most helpful customer service culture, here are valuable tips to take on board.


A customer service culture means creating a culture of accountability. When we talk about responsibility, there are a couple of things involved. First, there is taking ownership. Even if you are not an expert, ask your seniors’ as many questions as possible to give customers the detailed information they need. When an issue occurs, see it through a resolution. Have the customer first mindset by communicating and updating them on anything they might need.


customer serviceTraining your internal staff and other members is very important and crucial to spreading your organization’s culture. For internal training, ensure all staff sit in on calls and create living documentation on what needs to be done. For external training, provide video tutorials and give employees other options such as FAQs, and other knowledge bases that help them understand what needs to be done.

Provide Options

Give your customers different options to help them get solutions to what is needed. When it comes to communication, allow customers to reach you by the phone, via a ticket, chat, and emails. You can also funnel questions to certain places using an answering machine. Define your processes well and plan for your coverage. Do not ignore responding to what’s happening on online platforms and social media.


If you are not tracking the complaints and issues you hear about, then you’re doing yourself a big blunder. You must keep up with the feedback you receive and act on it. To act on feedback, there are a couple of ways to go about it. First, have a support system that allows you to funnel all your communication into one place. Ensure that you create accounts for each customer so that you can see how you interacted with them in the past. Keep up with the follow-ups and tickets to have a robust reporting.


After you are done tracking all your data, you have to do something with it, and that is analyzing. Hold a regular meeting to review customer services. Look at the rising trends and evaluate what needs to be done and rectified. Determine all actions regarding issues arising, be it big or small and make appropriate changes.

How to Get Started in Nightclub Business

partyThe nightclub business is not one of the most comfortable companies to run. There are the lot of things to manage be it licenses, permits, and bureaucracies. It needs a large volume of work and organization to create a brand that speaks for itself. If you get lucky enough to succeed in this business, then you have to keep tabs with staying relevant to club revelers. If done in the right manner, then a nightclub business can be a very lucrative venture.

Successful new bars can be thrown under the bus in the first six months. It can take a couple of years before they go forth to recover their money. But just like many new businesses, we have to understand the reasons why startup bars struggle to make it. First, it’s because they didn’t have enough money to run the business. Second is because of lack of adequate knowledge on running the business.

Bar Types

Before you get started in creating a bar of your dreams, you have to decide what kind of setup you need to establish. There are various bars to choose to setup which include;

Neighborhood Bar – From the basic concept, the neighborhood bar is the American version of English pub. You can find them all over the United States. Those who own this type of bar are expected to know a lot of regular customers. It is basically a friendly home away from home bar.

Across the Country

The across the country bar setup is the most popular type of bar you will find. The startup cost of coming with such kind of bar depends mainly on the size and concept. Most of the money is spent on branding and making the bar stand out. The amount of revenue these bars make depends on their capacity and location.

Sports Bar

Depending on the capacity of your establishment, a sports bar can be a particular version of a neighborhood tavern or can equally go on to become such a big establishment. Sports bars have some form of menu options with things such as pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and appetizers. The main attraction of sports bar is the sporting establishment, and thus television entertainments, audio, and other visual entertainments will always be familiar. Owners of these establishments spend a significant amount of their revenue investing and keeping up with the latest technologies.

Beer Bar

Studies have shown that revelers are drinking less alcohol but focusing on other types of entertainment. Beer bars offer a large selection of microbrews that are produced locally. Most beer bars only sell their own beer option with just a few varieties of bottled ones. The startup costs of beer bars can be quite high from $100,000 up to $1,000,000.


The ultimate entertainment place is a nightclub. A nightclub contains everything one can think about. It can be a small cocktail lounge or a medium sized that offers foods during lunch hour. The club can also be the fanciest place where the most fashionable celebrities hang around every week. If well managed, clubs can make a lot of money. They can be big enough to attract more than 500,000 people.

What You Need to Run a Successful Bar Business

clubWhen it comes to running a nightclub, the only thing that matters is a satisfaction to your customers. Your customers expect and deserve to get the best services as this is what will keep them coming back hence growing your business. But the key question to ask yourself first is; how do you get customers?

Create a Brand

People will always look forward to connecting with venues that they have a sense of belonging. The style that your brand adopts is what creates the vital customer experience. The brand you take will be a reflection of the club’s reputation. Create an atmosphere of what customers want regarding interior design, messaging, logos, promotions, drinks among others.

Build a Good Team

The location and branding of your club are only as good as the team you out in place to run your establishment. You need to find people who are passionate about your business, and who can help you achieve your mission, vision, and goals. This involves everyone involved in your business from the employees you hire to the people involved in promoting your business. Try to build a team that is well motivated to help you achieve your goals.

Right Systems

Put the proper systems in place. There are a lot of behind the scene activities that need to happen to have your nightclub run well. Though the systems themselves won’t bring customers to your establishment, you need to ensure that the staff operates in a coordinated manner to give your guests the best possible experience. Make use of the right technology that helps in stimulating operations.

Treating Your Guests

You need to address each of your guests as an outstanding individual. Your guests don’t want to be treated as a group; they want to have a personalized experience. They should be greeted at the door and walked to their tables. Offer them what they need according to the desires of their heart. You can incorporate CRM systems that help in providing personal touches to your guests. If you offer them a better experience, they feel valued and become loyal brand ambassadors.

Stay Current

The entertainment industry is always on the move. You need to stay current with all the happenings. In most cases, the average lifespan of a club is two years, and that is the reason it’s always important to keep up with everything that is happening in the industry. These changes include drink trends, music styles, technology trends, decor trends and customer income fluctuations.



Benefits of Watching Movies

Movie timeThe benefits of watching a movie are many. As you sit with your friends sipping your favorite smoothies and munching popcorn, you can watch your favorite actors excite you. While at the movie theater, you feel excited, emotional, scared, happy among others. As you walk out of the theater door, you feel re-energized and rejuvenated. Movies are so well such that some therapists have actually prescribed films to life.

Are you are a big fan of movies? Or are you excited to start watching movies with your loved ones? Here are some of the many reasons why you need to watch a movie today.



There are some movies based on social issues which affect our everyday life. Movies on issues such as socioeconomic aspects help create the much-needed awareness about these issues. Movies can be created on these issues to inform, entertain and also offer solutions so that people facing certain difficulties can get solutions for these movies.

Relieving Stress

These days, there are lots of ways you can enjoy movies without necessarily stepping to the movie theaters. You can now relax and enjoy your Netflix subscription from the comfort of your house. Watching movies presents an awesome opportunity to relieve stress from our lives. It has been medically proven that stress is caused by a continuous buildup of tension within a person. Unless this tension is relieved, stress is inevitable. One of the best ways to relieve the buildup of tension is through watching movies.


Thrilling Experience

If you are looking forward to having an exciting and thrilling experience. It may be ages since you have had a great outdoor adventure, and the next most immediate thrilling experience you can have is through 3D movies watching. There are many movies to take you through an exciting experience, almost an experience you would find on outdoor escapades.


Bonding and Hangout

When is the last time you laughed and had a good bonding? To have a good time full of laughter is what characterizes good comedy. Such movies lighten your moods while offering you an amazing way to bond with your loved ones. Movies also present best hangouts for couples. Perhaps you and your girlfriend are tired of spending time and hanging in public places. Then the next best place you can spend time together is in a movie theater. At these theaters, you are not judged for hanging out or spending a cozy time together.