Best Practices to Maintain Client Relationships Effectively

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, over 70 percent of relationships end within the first year. Anyone who has spent much time on the dating scene is probably not much surprised by this statistic. The same applies to cleaning services and other businesses. Gaining new clients for your business is one thing. Retaining them can prove equally challenging. If you are not careful, all the money and effort you put into landing that awesome client could go to waste if you don’t learn of proper ways of managing new relationships.

Here are some important tips on how to manage new client relationships

Involve the client

You need to have your client involved in the whole process of goal setting. Your commitment to the client relationship should be made from the onset. Just because a client comes your way seeking a solution, it is not to mean they want to relinquish control over setting goals and developing plans on improving their businesses. There needs to be collaboration in goal setting as the process can provide improved results.

Offer Solutions

You should not allow clients to come to you with questions. If you allow that, it would be a recipe for disaster. Client relationships are all about proactive communication. In business, you must be the one taking the initiatives. Clients don’t need to send an email and wait for several days before they can get a response. If you allow that to happen, it is easy for them to feel undervalued and unappreciated. You need to be proactive to reach out to your clients and keep them updated on your progress.

Be in touch

You need to put the onus back on your clients when necessary. When you are helping a client with something, you will probably not achieve the success you need if the client is completely detached from you. You need to put away all roadblocks and allow for smooth communication between you and your clients. Ensure you ask key questions and have them facilitate you with everything you need to ensure you get them the results expected.

Address client’s needs’

You must be ready and willing to address your client’s needs even before they know they exist. No matter what role you take in that relationship, your ultimate responsibility is to address client pain points and find ways of having them solve their goals. Most clients will not always know what they need unless you can come up and offer them solutions. You must put yourselves in the shoes of your clients and address issues before they can even notice them. If you want to make a good impression with your clients, never wait for them to develop problems. See these issues in advance and offer appropriate solutions even before they can notice their existence.

When it comes to communication, put your lines and channels of communication to be as effective as possible. At first, email might seem like the most preferred form of communication, but over time, add other instances such as zoom and phone calls.

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